8 great reasons to choose vinyl flooring

At Robert Malcolm, we’ve seen a century of evolution in flooring. One thing we’ve noticed is that vinyl isn’t slowing down in popularity or going out of fashion any time soon. People love it in their homes and it’s easy to see why…here are 8 great benefits that will put vinyl flooring at the top of your list when choosing flooring.

Cost effective

We wouldn’t go so far as saying that vinyl is a “cheap” option, but in terms of value for money and range of options, it comes in at a price that puts other flooring solutions pale in comparison. 

Easy to install

For DIYers, installing vinyl flooring doesn’t require specialist expertise. If you’re paying a professional, the benefit is that the job can be done fairly quickly. Either way, its ease of installation and cost effective pricing means updating vinyl flooring is not a huge commitment.

Easy to clean and maintain

Overall it is an easy product type to clean and maintain; simply sweep away dirt then run a damp mop over it. Another advantage of vinyl is that should a piece become damaged, you can easily replace just that section.


If properly installed and maintained, quality vinyl is a highly durable flooring. The keyword there is ‘quality’; the cheaper the option, the more likely it is to damage or wear. Vinyl flooring can be prone to gouges so avoid dragging heavy furniture across it. 

Comfy to walk on

Vinyl never really gets too cold in winter and it often has a cushioned feel. Compared to tiles, concrete, stone or wood floors, it has the advantage of being more comfortable underfoot.


Because it’s easy to manufacture, vinyl comes in an almost endless choice of designs. Whatever colour, pattern or texture you’re looking for, you are likely to find something that works. This also makes it a versatile choice that will suit almost any style of interior. 

The perfect choice for wet rooms or rooms with lots of moving about

Because it’s waterproof, vinyl is most often used in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and/or mud/wet room. But that’s not to say you couldn’t use vinyl in other rooms too, for example, luxury vinyl planking can look very smart in living spaces too.

Hopefully this has helped you move closer to a decision on which flooring is best for your home. The next step is to get excited about the look you want so why not browse our product range

Posted 20 12 2021