Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

There’s nothing quite like the lush, toe-curling feeling of sinking your feet into new carpet.

Fresh flooring can elevate a room, making it feel luxuriously homely. An updated carpet can renew the existing look you love, or transform the mood by injecting a different colour.

Selecting a new carpet is exciting, but can seem a little daunting given the vast range of products available – we want to share with you our best tips and tricks for choosing the perfect carpet for your space. 

  • When building or renovating start with the most permanent things first- choose colours and materials that are the least likely to change regularly i.e. kitchen colours and floor coverings – paint colours are likely to change within the life cycle of the flooring and should be less of a consideration
  • Put a white sheet down when viewing carpet samples to block out any existing floorcoverings and provide a neutral background for choosing a new carpet
  • Try to look at the samples one at a time- its human nature to compare, but try to view each sample individually. Having multiple samples together can affect how you perceive the carpet colour due to the other colours around it
  • View the samples in multiple areas of your home – in the living room, bedrooms, stairs or hall. The colour needs to be ‘most right’ in the areas you spend the most time, for example if the colour is perfect in the living room but a touch dark in the hall don’t be too concerned – most people only pass through the hall. Are there other ways you can overcome this issue? For example add more lighting to the darker areas, use a lighter wall colour etc.
  • Generally carpet colours appear lighter on masse – the most accurate way to view your sample is to take a couple of steps back and look across the sample (on the floor) as opposed to looking straight down at the colour. This gives a more accurate representation of how you will see the colour in the room.
  • Is the carpet suitable for your needs? If you have stairs does your potential carpet have a stair grading? If you have very light carpet can it be easily cleaned? At Robert Malcolm we recommend viewing the cleaning and maintenance information before making your final selection
  • Discuss your installation needs – do you need help to move furniture or uplift any existing floor coverings? Discuss how the installation will look – join placement, finishing bars etc.
  • Underlay contributes greatly to the overall comfort and performance of your carpet, there are many types of underlay available- be sure to find out the features and benefits, and try underlay samples together with carpet samples

We have some exciting new products and colours coming soon to complement our current range. To view the full range of Robert Malcolm carpets including product information visit

Posted 11 5 2023