Interior Forecast 2024

At Robert Malcolm we have seen a number of new products in 2023 – a significant refresh of our carpet tile range, new patterns added to our sheet vinyl collection and the addition of some lighter tones to complement our residential carpet ranges. Our luxury vinyl planking ranges have enjoyed a complete update with new designs and sizes added to the Moduleo collection, and the introduction of our new residential range ‘Oslo’. Selecting new ranges involves a careful balance - supplying what designs are in demand now with one eye on what is trending in the future, with that in mind below are some key trends we have identified for 2024:

Bold Colours

Bold colours make a return – reds, vibrant pink, terracotta, warm peach used not just in a token ‘feature cushion’ way but as the main event. Pantone has named ‘Peach Fuzz’ as Colour of the Year for 2024 - expect this calm, warm hue to show up everywhere – flooring, lighting, fabrics, nothing is off limits.


Fast interiors are out – quality, timeless pieces are favoured over materials susceptible to wearing out in a short time period. Now more than ever people are focused on sustainability, ethical production and how products will contribute to a healthy living space – a closed loop supply chain where waste is reduced or eliminated completely is viewed as the pinnacle.

Herringbone Everything

Herringbone has been making its presence felt and this pattern isn’t going anywhere soon. Timeless herringbone floors make a statement, while coloured subway tiles installed in a herringbone pattern offer a modern twist on a classic.

Tech Infused Spaces

Cleverly integrated tech in a subtle, hidden way. Energy saving smart features seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives offer us the ultimate in comfort, security and connectivity. In recent times our homes have become hybrid spaces where we work, learn, exercise and relax and the need for technology that can keep pace with these demands is more important than ever


Posted 13 12 2023