Orange Sky Sustainability Project

At Robert Malcolm we are proud to support those that are helping others- even better if it’s in a sustainable way!

Orange Sky is a mobile laundry service offering clean clothes, a warm shower and positive conversation with homeless people in our community. Innovation is in the Orange Sky DNA, and they have recently begun work on upgrading their fleet to include these features:

  • The removal of diesel-generators and installation of solar powered battery banks
  • Replacement of existing dryers with Orange Sky’s uniquely designed dryers that will reduce electrical consumption by 90%
  • A redesigned van layout for easier machine access
  • Other features to improve van usage and safety.

Orange Sky’s Christchurch van Eddie is the first the receive the upgrade, now running on solar power making this service more reliable, reducing maintenance costs and their environmental impact.

To find out more about the awesome way Orange Sky are connecting with our community, disconnecting from traditional power sources, and reducing their environmental footprint check out

Posted 24 7 2023