Orange Sky

Orange Sky is a mobile laundry service founded in 2014 by two 20 year old Australian mates offering clean clothes, a warm shower and positive conversation with homeless people in their community.

That original pop up has now expanded, and here at Robert Malcolm we are proud to support Orange Sky to help the 41,000 kiwis currently experiencing homelessness to gain confidence from feeling clean and making a positive connection with their community.

 A unique group of volunteers identified by their distinctive orange coloured vans on a quest to brighten the lives of others, the Orange Sky team are not professional social workers- but a friendly face, happy to listen and have a non-judgemental chat. Oranges Sky want to ensure that everyone has access to free laundry and shower services in an environment where they feel welcome. With shifts at regular locations where they are most needed, Orange Sky always partner with service providers such as food vans and drop in centres to provide additional support if needed.

To learn more about how you can help ease the load, and help Orange Sky support your community visit  

Posted 2 3 2023