Interior Forecast 2023

The New Year will bring some exciting new additions to the Robert Malcolm range. When selecting new products we consider what is trending in New Zealand now and forecast what will be fashionable in the coming months. Following are some trends that are growing in popularity and considered when selecting our new flooring products.

  • Biophilic Design

Biophilic design has a strong focus on wellbeing and the importance of connection to the outdoors. Homes are sympathetic to the surrounding landscape and the line between outdoors and in has become blurred. Interiors embrace this trend by featuring lots of natural light and air flow via large windows and cleverly placed skylights, finishes inspired by natural materials- wood, stone, organic fabrics such as cottons and linens, and collections of indoor plants.

  • Simple Luxe

As we connect again with the wider world through international travel and visitors, the idea of our home as a sanctuary remains. Simple luxe subscribes to the theory of accumulating less possessions, but appreciating better quality items- treasures that hold personal memories and heirloom pieces. Often these special items feature precious metals, hand crafted timbers and collectable ceramics. Luxury materials are integrated in everyday living via dramatic wallpapers, unexpected finishes such as gold and brass tapware and chic herringbone floors.

  • Texture

After a prolonged period of sleek lines and smooth materials it’s all about texture. Knotty timbers with more dominant grain, stone with movement and ‘touch- me’ fabrics such as boucle and jute rugs. Fluted panelling is especially popular for kitchen cabinetry and feature walls, and reeded glass cleverly plays with light and shadow.

  • Colour

Warm earthy tones in rust, ochre and cinnamon blend with the increased use of natural materials- while often used in fabrics and paint these colours are employed in unexpected ways such as geometric vinyls, lighting and cabinetry. Greens in muted tones such as sage and olive harmoniously coexist with seaside blues and sandy creams.  In spaces that aren’t filled with natural light we are encouraged to ‘lean into’ the moody feel and embrace rich luxurious colours such as teal accented with jewel toned greens and purples.

  • Arches & Curves

Seen everywhere from tiles, mirrors, tapware and furniture curves are making a comeback. Vinyl flooring with gentle organic curves is aesthetically pleasing- a nod to the past but in colourways firmly looking to the future

Posted 25 11 2022