New flooring trends - luxury vinyl planking

At Robert Malcolm we stock “the world’s best” flooring solutions; a big claim you may think, but as suppliers of brands such as Moduleo®, it’s one we think is justified. Moduleo® is a high quality modular flooring solution for residential and commercial use. Something we think Moduleo® does very well (it’s the reason we choose to supply it) is come up with innovative new ideas. Their latest, Moduleo® Moods, is a creative triumph!

Introducing Moduleo® Moods

Moduleo® Moods is a suite of luxury vinyl planking in colours, textures and shapes that allow for highly unique flooring patterns that range from classically elegant to wildly dynamic.

10 unique and creative formats
14 high-quality wood and stone textures
15 patterns from mild to wild
adds up to over 110 unique and expressive combinations

The shapes of Moduleo® Moods

This group of planks are based on a width that is always 4 or 8 times the height of the plank. Also, each plank is exactly half, double or a third the size of the other planks to ensure flexibility and compatibility to create coordinated patterns.

Comprised of hexagon, diamond and triangle shapes that interlock at oblique angles, these formats allow intricate and bold “kaleidescope” style patterns.


Chevron Basic
Classic Parisian chic, this look has been gaining in popularity thanks to it’s balance of classic elegance with strong presence.

Chevron Columns
Striking and decorative, this combines the herringbone format of the the Chevron Basic with a thin strip in between each column. A wonderful choice of accentuating the length of a room.

Bold, powerful and expressive; this is a flooring pattern that demands to be noticed.

Basket Weave Small
Basket Weave Small clusters rectangular planks to create textured square shapes with a single small plank at a 90 degree angle to create a simple rhythm, pleasing to the eye. 

Basket Weave Slim
Similar to Basket Weave Small but in longer rectangles instead of squares. 

Basket Weave Block
A compact, classic pattern that extends well across an space withoout emphasising any particular direction. 

Herringbone Small
A pattern that dates back centuries, this is a timeless classic flooring pattern.

Herringbone Slim
Taking the classic Herringbone look and extending it to add a modern elegance. Well suited for larger spaces.

Herringbone Short
All the features of the small herringbone pattern but on a slightly larger scale to offer a more restful look.

Heringbone Medium
With sweeping strokes across the floor, this is a large, bold version of a classic.

Staggered Bands
A dynamic and modern adaptation of traditional wooden plank flooring. Choose form small, slim, short, medium or standard lengths and widths.

Staggered Columns
Combines rectangular planks with coloured joint strips for striking detail and a zen-like harmony. 

Hexagon Random
Offers an interesting combination of textures and adapts well to any sized space because it doesn’t have a dominant direction.

With a slight retro feel, Hexagon fills a floor with mesmerising repitition and allows for multiple pattern combinations.

Hexagon Motion
A unique design that will liven up any interior.

Diamond 3D Cubes
For an arresting effect with unbeatable character, the Diamond 3D Cubes creates an illusion of depth and direction.

Diamond Origami
The Diamond Origami pattern is an abstract and gentle play of geometirc lines and dynamic, angualr shapes.

A playful, modern version of a retro classic with contemporary textures and colours.

Why choose Moduleo® Moods?

  • Unmatched ability to design and create a one-of-a-kind floor
  • The Moduleo® team have put together a selection of ideas for combinations and patterns which you can use or draw inspiration from
  • Combine wood and stone textures in one project with ease
  • Exceptionally realistic look textures thanks to their patented ‘Surface Layer Complex’
  • Extra strong and durable with calendered backing and two glass fibre layers
  • Moduleo® is pleasant underfoot, feels warm, dampens sounds and is suitable for wet rooms
  • Ecologically responsible manufacturing using up to 50% recycled materials; the flooring itself is also recyclable

Take a look at the full range.


Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about Moduleo® Moods, or any of our other particular flooring solutions for your project.

Posted 20 12 2021