The future of green flooring is here

At Robert Malcolm, we pride ourselves on providing a wide collection of world-leading flooring solutions that are attractive, durable and suitable for a variety of applications. We take a particular interest in innovative new products coming through which is why we now supply carpet tiles with a high Eco-content backing system.

Introducing Mix-Bac®

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Mix-Bac® is a high-end carpet tile backing system. Functionally it’s brilliant, offering a soft underfoot feeling while also being dimensionally stable. Environmentally it’s even better! Mix-Bac® is made of recycled plastic bottles.

Globally, bottled water consumption is over 29 litres per person every year. Many of these bottles are not recycled and pile up. Mix-Bac® puts them to great use as an innovative, sustainable carpet tile backing. Used bottles are cleaned, sorted, crushed and made into pellets that then go through a manufacturing process turning them into a high density, non-woven fabric that makes up the product.


There are approximately 48 bottles per square metre of Mix-Bac®


We believe this product marks a new era in the development of high-performance and environmentally friendly backing systems. To put it in perspective, traditional non-woven fabric use toxic adhesives and chemicals such as formaldehyde. Mix-Bac® doesn’t need to use adhesives as the fabric is adhered together in a heat treatment process. And it’s not just bottles that make up the recycled material content of Mix-Bac®, it also features bitumen. All this adds to making Mix-Bac® 100% recyclable.

Acoustic backed carpet tiles

With a soft, cushion backing, another of Mix-Bac’s® benefits is that it absorbs the impact of footfalls therefore reducing noise and leg muscle fatigue to a greater degree than other hard flooring. From a workplace perspective this ultimately positively affects productivity in the workplace.

No delamination

Mix-Bac®’s superior dimensional stability resists delamination, the most serious problem that occurs with the back of wall-to-wall carpet; it’s when the carpet’s backing separate from each other resulting in wrinkled carpet that cannot be restretched.

Benefits of Mix-Bac®

  • High Eco-content
  • Noise reducing
  • Greater heating and cooling insulation properties
  • 100% Recyclable ISO 14001
  • Contributes to LEED Credits – great for green buildings
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certification
  • Low VOCs into the air improve workplace and safety conditions
  • Cushioning effect reduces leg fatigue
  • Reduced carpet fibre crush, wear and tear
  • Absorbs sound
  • PVC free
  • Impermeable moisture barrier

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly yet highly functional flooring product for a commercial project, we strongly recommend Mix-Bac®. Keep an eye out for products available with acoustic backing when browsing our Carpet Tiles range.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about Mix-Bac®, or any of our other particular flooring solutions for your project.

Posted 20 12 2021